Welcome to Bon-Bon, Persian and Exotic cattery!


Welcome to my pages!

My affection for all animals goes way back from my childhood. As liitle kids, my sister, brothers and I had many pets: birds, cats, dogs and at one point even a monkey called Mickey who all made our childhood really happy.

Cats have always been amazing me with their behaviour and so on one day, as a New Year`s present from my husband, our first cat - Bonbon came to our home. Later we named our cattery after our first cat. That is when I started visiting Catshows, meeting all those `cat people` and getting to know cats even better.

In the beginning of `90s, I was regularly visiting catshows in Hungary and Slovenia, watching closely the pedigrees, and getting the idea which cats I actually wanted in my home. My wish was to enrich felinology in mu country with something completely new, and so Vak Botyan Foxi-Maxi, black harlequin and Barfrusi-Excelsior Coquete, blue tortoishell harlequin came into our lives.

First vans and harlequins in my country came from my cattery, many of which took part in domestic and catshows abroad, receiving very good results. Some of their kittens remained in Bon-Bon and were the foundation of my cat breeding...everything started beacuse of them.

At that point, I was already an experienced felinologist and started thinking about a perfect type of cat. I wanted one South Paw cat, and so Pom-Pom Plumby arrived into my house. Through him I injected new blood in my breeding lines and it turned out that my sense did not fail me - I managed to strengthen Bon-Bon type, recognized by big round eyes, low ears and typical cobby built.

Bon-Bon cattery regularly takes part in catshows in Serbia and abroad, receiving very good marks. We now have 10 EC`s and two of our cats even carry the prestigious DM title.

Bon-Bon cattery breeds only healthy cats, tested to PKD, FIP, FeLV and Fiv.

Bloodlines of our cats are South Paw, Marhei, Catrax, Dearborn, Palmetos and La`Noitan.

Bon-Bon kittens are fully socialized since they grow up in our house with us, and spend most of their time playing with my grandchildren, my husband and me.

I owe great thanks to all those owners of little Bon-bon`s, located in Switzerland, Geece, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, USA...and of course to my husband for all the help and unselfishness, because felinology is not a hobby but a way of living.

Sincerly Yours,

Brankica Šušnjara